Url Structure 11 Best SEO Tips For Perfomance

url structure

What is url structure

A URL (uniform resource locator) it’s a type of uniform resource identifier (URI) that provides a way to access information from remote computers, like a web server and cloud storage.

For example  https://seoblogpath.com/

This is an example of url.

1 Url structure according to google guidelines.

It should be simple, descriptive and words in the URL and not using non-ASCII characters. There are different examples of it.


Recommended https://seoblogpath.com/

Not recommended https://seoblogpath.com/🦙✨

Use UTF-8 encoding as necessary and should be in localized word in url.

Example types of UTF-8 encoding



2 Easy to read by human easy to rank

It is very simple that the easier a URL is for humans to read, the better it will be for search engines. Accessibility has always been part of his SEO.

Example 1 www.seoblogpath.com/best-seo-tips

Example 2 www.seoblogpath.com/pb/post/best/seo/tips

Example 3 www.seoblogpath.com/mydomain/id8/cdfb/3433=fmsfj=ew

If these are the links in front of you what are chances of opening the links. You will definitely open link in example 1 and will not open link in example 3 because you will think it might be a scam. Keeping the url short will help to rank better.

This image is taken from from backlinko.

It is also best seo tip to keep url structure near to page title.

3 Keywords in url: best practice or not?

According to updates going on google from time to time to some extent it helps in ranking factor but it should not be added in way that would effect user experience.

According to John Muller statement about keyword

“I believe that’s a very small ranking factor, so it’s not something I’d really try to force. And it’s not something where I’d say it’s even worth your effort to kind of restructure your site just so you can include keywords in the URL.”

Above is link to his discussion about keyword at 18:00 in the video.

The sites that don’t use breadcrumb navigation Google does display the URLs with keywords in them otherwise it don’t.

In short it is found that it was the old practice to put keywords in url it does not work everytime. Work on user experience.

4 URLs should be used in lowercase

Most servers don’t have problems with mixed case URLs but still it’s a good idea to standardize what your URLs.


URLs are commonly written in the lowercase like www.seoblogpath.com/ as compared to mixed case Www.SeoBlogPath.Com/ or WWW.SEOBLOGPATH.COM/

5 Use of hyphens (-) instead of underscore (_)

Use hyphens and not underscore for the URLs because underscores can not be seen when it is published.

Example www.seoblogpath.com/underscore_cannot_see

There are underscores on both sides of cannot which can not be seen when it is published.

6 Regularly Audit and Update URLs

Over time, your website’s structure and content might evolve. Regularly audit your URLs, fix broken links, and update them .

7 Canonicalization

 Choose a preferred version of your URL (with or without “www”) and set up canonicalization to avoid duplicate content issues.

Canonical tags can tell Google that a specific URL is like a master copy. You can eliminate the problem of duplicate content with this.

Using a canonical tag, you tell the Google which URL you want to appear in SERPs.

8 Implement 301 Redirects

If you need to change a URL, use 301 redirects to guide users and search engines to the new URL. This preserves your SEO efforts from the old page.

9 HTTPS as a ranking signal

According to Google website with HTTPS helps you rank better.

10 Avoid Using Stop Words

Stop words are basically words that help to connect the main words in your URL.

This includes words like a, an, the, and, it, for, or, but, in, my, your, our, and their.

If you think they are needed in order to improve the readability of your URL,  then you can use them.

11 Use Static Url compared to Dynamic Url

According to results static url ranks better as compared to dynamic url.


Static url www.seoblogpath.com/best-seo-tip

Dynamic url www.seoblogpath.com/best-seo-tipcheckout-php-sample-code/issues/detail?id=31

You can spot dynamic URLs by looking the characters like: ?,=, &

Note Google can also index dynamic  Urls but using static Urls is recommended.


The URL structure of your website is important. Don’t neglect it! You only have to set it up right once.

Once you structure things properly, just follow the best practices. Add your target keywords, think about URL length, avoid keyword stuffing, limit irrelevant and URL parameters then it will be good for your website.

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