15 best seo tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Ranking High on Google

best seo tips 2023

15 best seo tips in 2023 to follow

If you’re on a mission to crack the best SEO tips code and score big on Google’s search results, you’re in the right place. Google’s been shaking things up, and we’ve got the lowdown on the top SEO tips to rock 2023 according to their latest updates. Let’s dive into the scoop.

1. Rock Your Content Game with E-A-T

No, it’s not a sandwich, it’s E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google’s all about it. So, think of your content like a masterpiece painted by a pro. The better you showcase your expertise and back it up with solid sources, the higher your content climbs.

2. Give Users the Red Carpet treatment

Google’s not just about finding stuff; it’s about finding stuff fast and easy. Make your website a smooth ride for users. Fast-loading pages, mobile-friendliness, and an easy-on-the-eyes design are your tickets to the top.

3. Meet the Cool Kids: Core Web Vitals

Meet Google’s new buddies: Core Web Vitals. They’re like the cool kids in school – everyone wants to be friends with them. They’re all about how snappy your website is, how interactive it feels, and if it stops jumping around when you’re trying to read. Make them happy, and Google will send love your way.

4. Voice search magic

People chatting up their devices. Yes, that’s voice search. Sprinkle conversational magic into your content. Use questions and long phrases people would say out loud. Google’s like your genie – the more you match what users ask, the more it’ll grant your wishes.

5. AI’s Your Sidekick

AI’s not just for sci-fi movies anymore. It is one of the best seo tip that everyone is using nowadays. It’s here, and it’s shaping SEO. AI tools crunch numbers to find what users dig. They even predict the future (well, sort of) by analyzing trends. Think of them as your assistant which will help you outsmart the competition.

6. Lights, Camera, Video SEO!

Videos are stealing the show online, and Google knows it. Make your videos stand out by giving them catchy names, juicy descriptions, and cool tags. And don’t forget the backstage pass – hosting videos on your site while showing them off on platforms like YouTube is the way to go.

7. Lock It Up: HTTPS Security

Remember when websites were just HTTP? Well, times have changed. Google loves secure sites (they’re all about that ‘S’ in HTTPS). It’s like locking your website’s front door. Secure it, and visitors will feel safer – that’s a win-win.

Ever heard of the cool kid who gets picked first in a game? Well, that’s what featured snippets are – they’re the champs of search results. Craft your content like a pro chef – sprinkle in headings, lists, and clear answers. Google might just pick you as the head honcho.

9. Be Besties with Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s really into mobile. So much so, it’s all about mobile-first indexing now. Make your site mobile-friendly. Google mostly uses the mobile version of a site’s content, crawled with the smartphone agent for indexing and ranking the website. This is called mobile-first indexing.

10. Local Love: Google My Business

Want the locals to find you? Google My Business is your BFF. Ask people for reviews, and pop in updates. It’s like handing out flyers for your digital party, and everyone’s invited.

11. Mix It Up: Content Variety

Imagine a content buffet. You’ve got blogs, infographics, podcasts, and more. The more variety you serve, the more visitors will visit. And don’t forget the king-size portions – long-form content gives you space to dive deep into topics.

12. High Fives on Social Media

Social media’s like the party where everyone’s talking about you. Share-worthy content gets the spotlight. People share, link, and chat about your stuff – that’s a secret handshake into Google’s good books.

13. Time for a Content Spring Clean

Remember your room before mom made you clean it? Yeah, don’t let your content be like that. Update your old stuff, add some new flair, and show Google you’re still the life of the online party.

Google’s gotten all smart with words. It gets what you mean, even if you don’t say it straight. Sprinkle related words and phrases in your content. It’s like winking at Google – it knows what you’re up to.

15. Get on Google’s Good Side with Page Experience

Remember those “be a good human” rule? Apply them to your site. Fast load times, no jitters, and giving users what they want – that’s like sending a bouquet to Google. It’ll love you for it.


Wrapping up best seo tips in 2023 is all about keeping up with Google’s groove. E-A-T your heart out, make friends with Core Web Vitals, and chat up AI. Remember, the digital dance floor is always changing, so stay on your toes. With these tips, you’ll be rocking the rankings of Google’s search ladder like a pro.

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